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No matter where you go in Fiji, or where you are in the South Pacific, if its near the water you’ll find a Safeway Marine boat. Safeway Marine Boats are the most common form of transportation in the Islands.

Safeway Marine has been manufacturing Fibreglass Boats in Fiji for over 2 Decades.

Over the years Safeway Marine Boats have proven to be reliable, safe, fuel efficient and cost effective. Whatever the use, Safeway Marine Boats are built to last. They are tough, affordable, good quality fibreglass boats which require little maintenance.

They are used for everything from commercial fishing to leisure fishing; prawn farming, pearl farming and seaweed farming and any other farming related to the water! Safeway Marine Boats are used as water taxis, water buses and cargo boats. But the best use of all is for fun, leisure and pleasure.

Safeway Marine Boats remain the market leader in Fiji and the Pacific. Based in Suva, Fiji, we have 8 different models of boats to choose from which can be customized to suit your needs. Our manufacturing processes and quality control are strict and we will not compromise on those standards.

In order to keep up with international safety standards Safeway Marine have had their boats surveyed by the International Classification Society, Bureau Veritas, for stability and freeboard / buoyancy and floatation.

This allows us to export our boats anywhere in the world and gives our clients confidence that the boat they are purchasing is seaworthy. Safeway Marine is the only Fibreglass boat manufacturer in Fiji to hold the certification.

“Remember when purchasing your Safeway Marine Fibreglass Boat, to be certain of the authenticity, always buy from an authorized dealer or direct from our factory in Fiji. If you are not sure please don’t hesitate to contact us.”

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